About the Compassionate Language Learner

I’m an immigrant living in London. I’ve studied, to various extents, Finnish, Tagalog, Japanese, French, and German, and am currently concentrating on the latter two. When not reviewing Anki flashcards or doing Skype language exchanges, I also delight in yoga, zines, cooking and baking delicious vegan things, and street fashion blogs. My favorite thing to do in this city is seeing live music.

My pronoun is they.*

I also recommend Adblock Plus to my readers for getting rid of pesky ads, cough cough.

* Not an error! I’m genderqueer.



  1. Une mille fois ! I’ve just read the article about your site in the Guardian. I’ve already shared it on Facebook. I too suffer from boats of anxiety and I too am trying to learn German and french. We are a community ! Thank you so much for this, especially for being so brave and honest. Just the phraseology you use – self compassion and language learning – had an immediate, revelatory effect; language learning really does work as an antidote to self-damaging/accusing thoughts, but sometimes my lack of progress or failure to stick to a schedule works against me. But knowing others are walking the same road, with insights and experienced-gained wisdom is an enormous strength. Prayers and best wishes. Allons-y !


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